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Phytoncide Korea

Phytoncide Korea has a very serious reality problem of indoor air environment such as atmospheric air infections, odor, sick house syndrome It is established as a mission to solve the fundamental problem.

We bring natural phytoncide, which is the only natural sterilization and air purifying material in the world, to our living space as well as healthy forest bath where you can enjoy the refreshing air in your room all the time, as well as hospitals, nursing facilities, Such as germs, odor elimination, weakness of insomnia in various places such as school, company, home, improvement of mental health such as stress alleviation etc. We will find health by natural healing and air environment improvement by eliminating all chemical and artificial

We provide OEM / ODM service to develop customized application of various phytoncide products and construction methods to customers' various needs and purposes.

Our Phytoncide Advantage
Phytoncide Extraction

We extract phytoncide essential oil only from Hinoki tree in the south Korea which has the most superior releasing effect of phytoncide.(Patent)


We have the largest quantity of essential oil that we have extracted directly unlike many companies use imported oils that are cheap and ineffective.

Technical Ability

Through many product development and work experience over the past 14 years, our application manufacturing technologies and work ability are excellent and distinctive. In particular, our technology of microphocapsulated phytoncide oil is unique in the world.


With a long-term deal with many domestic customers, we are recognized for our excellent products.



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