What is phytoncide?
Phytoncide is a natural antimicrobial substance that tree exhausts to protect itself from pests, microorganisms and other bacteria.   Phytoncide is a compound word of 「phyton」 ,  which means 「plant」 and 「cide」,  which means 「kill」 in Greek, refers to the sterile substance that plants emit.   The clean air that you can feel in the forest is because trees give off phytoncide. Forest bathing is the contact of phytoncide in the atmosphere with the respiratory tract and skin. Phytoncide is a Forest bathing substance.  There is a difference in the amount and type of phytoncide produced by each tree.   The needle trees produce more phytoncide than the broad-leaved trees, and ‘Chamaecyparis obtusa’ is the best effect among them. Today, Phytoncide refers to combined organic compounds of the terpene system that releases from a conifer and is recognized as a key material in forest healing.  


Phytoncide effect

Phytoncide extraction equipment& process

01.  Purchasing branches of Cypress trees.

02.  Crush branches into pieces so Phytoncide is easy to get out.

03.  Put them in a basket.

04.  After adjusting the optimum temperature and pressure, open the steam to extract the phytoncide.

05.  Phytoncide extraction equipments 3,000kg x 2set, imported from France.

06.  Phytoncide and oil come together. Store phytoncide in the storage tank after oil detachment.

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