Forest air to my place


Solution of natural indoor air environments

Change the air in the building into the forest air.

Phytoncide Korea provides a satisfying solution to customers for concern about indoor air problems after frequent remodeling as well as residents worried about sick house syndrome, air quality in hospital or office.

Spray Work

It is a spray work that applies the highly concentrated phytoncide essential oil stored in our own microcapsule to the place which causes sick house syndrome such as the wall, the ceiling, the furniture, and to other space that generates odor like toilet, shoes cabinet, carpet. The effect lasts for about one year.

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Duct Aporizing System

The phytoncide vaporizing system is connected to the HVAC system of the building and continuously inflow fresh phytoncide with the air into the rooms.

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Phytoncide Applications

Various phytoncide products

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Phytoncide Vaporizer

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Beauty Products

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Living & Health Products

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