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Phytoncide Vaporizer

“Negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other and the vaporized water in nano-scale size absorbs fine dust and maintains the proper level of humidity.”

Phytoncide Vaporizer
Phytoncide Vaporizer is a device that dilutes the natural phytoncide to a concentration similar to that of the phytoncide in the forest and emits it into the air. If you continue to use Phytoncide Vaporizer, the interior will be full of freshness like the forest, and you will get the forest bathing effect that you can get in the forest. The gift of nature Phytoncide Vaporizer not only cleans the air but also cleanses the mind and body of modern people accumulated in various harmful substances and stresses, and it will help the healthy life by preventing odor from indoor as well as environmental diseases such as atopy and rhinitis is.

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Cosmetic Product

“Experience the synergetic effect of TreeOleo with healing components and hydrogen with high antioxidants.”

Hydropy Mask & Mist
Hydrophy is an anti-aging and antioxidant product made with only natural substances, and it is the very first daytime skin maintenance product in the cosmetic field. The research shows that TreeOleo controls 99% of MMP-1, the enzyme that breaks down the interstitial collagens. The ideal combination of TreeOleo and hydrogen, the highest antioxidant substance, creates the maximized anti-aging effect and it increases the SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), the enzyme that catalyzes beneficial ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and converts OH (Hydroxyl Radical), the most harmful ROS, into harmless ingredient. The packaging in an aluminum container maximizes the diluted hydrogen concentration. These functions protect the skin cells and control melanin, wrinkles, chromosome mutation, and skin pigmentation. It also eliminates the lymphatic feedback mechanism, the feedback of toxic leftovers within the lymph that failed to be discharged, which aids with the non-chemical natural skin whitening. The continuous application of this product twice daily will bring a great result.

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Living & Health Product

"We protect people and companion animals from attack by ticks and pests as well as deodorization."

Phytoncide Anti dust mite spray
It may be very harmful to humans if the chemical substances in pet products that their companion uses get exposed to them. Twigs and Trees Pet Spray contains 100% natural substances including TreeOleo, which effectively neutralizes odor. TreeOleo keeps both companion pets and humans safe and fresh by providing the sterilization effect. You may spray around training pads and on pet toys for both deodorizing and sanitizing purpose.

Living & Health Products

Any type of products can be developed by ODM production on the customer's request.