Spray Work

Phytoncide Spray work

“Change the air in the building into the forest air.”

What is phytoncide work?
The phytoncide spray work is our special method to spray our own "microcapsulated phytoncide liquid” on the walls, carpets, curtains, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. inside the building to remove formaldehyde, odor, or other chemical substances causing atopy and asthma. This work makes you enjoy the natural forest incense and incredible health effects by emitting phytoncide continuously over a long period of time, over about 1 year, in the room. 

  • Phytoncide, a natural ingredient experienced in the forest is emitted as it is.
  • It exerts its efficacy regardless of external conditions such as light because it is not a catalyst.
  • It is the fundamental solution because it is applied on finishing materials such as wallpaper, built-in cabinet, furniture.
  • You can immediately feel improved indoor air after spray construction.
  • Applicable to in existing Houses for Forest Bath Effect as well as Sick House Syndrome.
  • Prevention of Allergy, Asthma and Atopy by House Dust Mites.
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