Duct aporizing system

Phytoncide HVAC System

“The air conditioning system converts air in the building into forest air.”

Duct aporizing system
Phytoncide Duct system makes the poor indoor air quality into a forest atmosphere. Urban living produces stress and exposure to higher risk of health problems that are caused by the elevated level of fine dust, trapped airborne particles, and heavy traffic of automobiles and of people. Phytoncide Duct system is the best solution to manage your pleasant and healthy life style. The benefit of TreeOleo HVAC system is not limited to the air purification but it also reduces odors, increases immunity, prevents the spread of infectious diseases and provides stress-free atmosphere.

Phytoncide Duct system Plan

The phytoncide supply system through air duct system is proceeded by creating the design plan after visiting the site, and then constructing the optimal system. Costs vary depending on the purpose and size of the building, but generally one spray system is installed per each air conditioning duct system. conditioner. The cost consists of installation fee and phytoncide charge.