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Phytoncide micro-capsule

"Please apply phytoncide capsule type liquid to life products such as shoes, clothes, curtains, duvets."

What is micro-capsule?
MicroCapsule is a ultra fine particle (its diameter is from nano to several micrometer) that is coated as high molecular substance forming the exterior surrounds the liquid or solid forming the interior.

Microcapsule in Fabric & Down (SEM)
Electron microscopic photograph of Phytoncide Silicon capsule applied to Fiber Fabrics and Down.

  • Purpose of Micro-Capsulation
  • • To make easy to handle a liquid by producing a group of solid substances gathered around.
    • To control releasing pattern and amount of interior matter through the wall material.
    • To control two substances reaction by separating and mixing when it is necessary with Micro-Capsulation.
    • To stop volatilization of volatile substances. -Duck down, Goose down etc.
  • Function of Micro Capsulation
  • • Control the releasing speed and amount of core substance.
    • Make it possible to stick necessary matters on wanted body without visible change.
    • Make it possible to transfer one substance to wanted place.
    • Able to place two reactive substances together.
    • Able to control the time and place of reaction of core material.
    • Convenient to deal and handle sensitive or poisonous or stimulus substance.
    • Able to add some function according to Core material Wall material.
    • Prevent oxidation and restoration of functional matter.
Raw material application field
Down and Fiber

Phytoncide can be applicable to various fibers using in the padding, goose-down duvet, down filling, & etc. for ammonia odor removal and phytoncide effect.

Automotive material

Tests and experiments are underway to remove toxic substances (formaldehyde, TVOC) from automobiles by Kolon-Glotac (vehicle mat manufacturer) and Kum-ho Mitsui Chemicals (car chair foam manufacturer). They are considering phytoncide as an alternative because phytoncide is a natural substance which is harmless to the human body.

Building Material

Application of Functional Materials to Various Building Materials. Ex) Wood floor, Wall paper, Paint, Furniture, and etc. according to purpose.